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Memoirs on Mental Health: with authors Mark Edwards, Paula McGuire and Lucy Nichol

  • George Street Social 45-51 George Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 7JN (map)

Trigger Publishing authors, Mark Edwards, Paula McGuire and Lucy Nichol share their personal mental health experiences and discuss the inspiration behind their books:

In Life After Care - From Lost Cause to MBE, Mark Edwards shares his diary entries bringing to life his experiences as a teenager and beyond, looking at the reasons he came to be placed in care and how he dealt with adolescent feelings of love and loss.

On the verge of breakdown, Mark tried to take his own life and was sectioned under the mental health act. We follow his journey from local authority care to the wards of a crumbling Victorian psychiatric asylum, and beyond into life on the streets until he eventually found hope and happiness.

Glasgow author, Paula McGuire's brilliant book, Must Try Harder - Adventures in Anxiety, explores her struggles with social anxiety that led to her becoming a recluse and using medication to deal with her difficult feelings. Unable to even go into a shop on her own, Paula’s life was effectively over before she hit 30. But then something changed. She isn’t even quite sure what. But after years of running away from life, Paula decided to grab it by the balls …

She didn’t do anything too difficult to start with – just learning all 17 Commonwealth Games sports! After that, she threw herself into naked-life modeling and astronaut training. A truly inspirational story.

In A Series of Unfortunate Stereotypes - Naming and Shaming Mental Health Stigmas, author and Road to Recovery Trust board member, Lucy Nichol, explores the various stereotypes often placed on people with mental health problems.

From a young age, Lucy has always been on edge. Whether it's because of her fear of beards, a general sense that she can catch a disease from anything, or the belief that she's going to throw up at any given moment, she's never really felt safe.

In her book Lucy, who also works as a freelance TV and soap script advisor for Mind, explores the different lenses through which she – and others – have viewed mental health problems. She tackles a number of different stereotypes placed on people living with mental illness, including the idea that they are narcissists, hypochondriacs, and psychos.

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